In this page, you must define our privacy policy and describe the use of cookies on the website www.convergences-public-prive.com. We use the term “cookies” to refer to cookies and other similar technologies covered by the Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications.

1. What is a cookie and what is it for?

Cookies are small data files that a website on your computer or mobile device during your first visit. The cookie for this website, or another site, to calculate your device on your next visit. Active pixels or other similar files can also do the same thing. In this policy, we use the term “cookies” to refer to all files that have been retrieved as well as information.
Cookies have many features, such as allowing them to navigate more efficiently, store your preferences and improve your overall website experience. Thanks to cookies, browsing our website is faster and easier.

2. What kind of cookies we use?

2.1 Our cookies

On our site, we use session cookies. The session cookies available at our website track your page-by-page to prevent you from being asked again for information that you already have data on the site. They are automatically deleted when you exit your web browser.

2.2 The cookie levels

These cookies are arranged by the server of another domain and are used to allow us to follow the behavior and visits of a user so that we can measure the performance of our website.
Other cookies may be deposited by the latest on your computer. The issue and use of cookies by third parties are subject to the privacy and confidentiality policies of these third parties. We would like to inform you of the existence of cookies and these means.
Cookies can be used in the period of validity of cookies: to count the number of advertisements diffused, to identify these same advertisements, to count the number of visitors who clicked on to calculate the amounts and the amounts of the statistics, of improve the presentation of these elements in the computer display lists, to memorize third party information to the products, services and information that you have not defined, and access to other destinations to the following destinations substrates advertisements which broadcast, to the navigation of your computer.

3. How can I disable cookies?

If you do not want to receive cookies, you can modify your browser to warn you to receive cookies or you can refuse all cookies. You can also delete cookies that have already been installed.
If you want to limit or block the installation of cookies on your device, you can do it through the settings of your browser: the feature in your browser will explain you comment proceed.
Please note that by deleting our cookies or blocking cookies, you may not be able to access any of the areas or features of our site.

4. Commitment

The website www.convergences-public-prive.com does not store the personal data of its users.